Phase 4

Benefits for tenants

Energy saving measures:

  • Using heating and cooling pumps for maintaining the optimal building temperature, resulting in reduced electricity consumption
  • Having a chiller for LAN Rooms with a free-cooling option
  • Using the sprinkler tank as energy buffer, resulting in reduced electricity consumption
  • Ventilation machines with frequency converters – electricity power consumption only on demand (presence detectors in meeting rooms)
  • Having highly-efficient heat recovery systems in all the air - handling units
  • Automatic climate control systems for all rooms and floors
  • The use of chilled beams and chilled ceilings (silent systems) saves additional energy – no electricity is needed and maintenance costs are reduced
  • Energy is saved with automated window contacts. If windows are open, cooling / heating of the related/connected area/zone is disabled
  • Implementing a modern and efficient building management system (BMS), which monitors and reduces power consumption
  • Night cooling effected by combining a ventilation system and by using the energy stored in the concrete structure
  • The modern 3-layer glass facade of the building reduces potential transmission losses
  • Using solar control glass with a low “g-Value of 0.27 and 0.34”, reduces the running costs, while maximizing daylight (high light transmission value)
  • Use of LED technology for all common areas above ground
  • The lights in the toilets are activated by presence detectors
  • The free-standing automatic dimmed lamps and presence sensors, in the office areas, use less electricity and require less cooling
  • The garage, corridors and lift lobbies have automatic switches for lighting, which are activated by movement (presence detectors) and ambient brightness. The light circuits can be overridden by the BMS using a time schedule
  • The building façade has an optimal ratio for transparent and non-transparent elements
  • All working places have natural light, reducing electricity consumption
  • LEED Platinum certification

Tenants comfort and flexibility:

  • A landmark architectural design, which is highly visible from all directions
  • Integrated in a successful business park
  • Cafe situated at the building entrance
  • Electrical and mechanical installations are of a high standard
  • Highly flexible design options are available to the tenant. All potential room arrangements and combinations of open space/single offices have been foreseen in the HVAC and electrical installations
  • The central staircase and compact design optimise available space utilization and minimise commuting distance within in the building
  • Flexibility of cabling options, due to the raised floor
  • Ventilation systems have high maximum supply and exhaust volumes
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling settings are possible
  • Earthquake analysis by Eurocode, to ensure high safety standards
  • Parking spaces are available with comfortable access
  • Reduced air circulation velocity in the office spaces
  • A diesel generator provides back-up power for life and safety equipment
  • The entire building is fire-protected by an automatic sprinkler system
  • Desks are supported by floor boxes, which can be installed every 60/60 cm
  • Video surveillance of the building’s exterior, entrances and garage by the facility manager
  • Electronic access control for the building and the tenants’ area.