Green Heart

Offices with a Green Heart

In 2010 we have made a commitment to only
build LEED certified office buildings.

What is LEED Certification?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the most prolific green building certification system originated in the United States. Buildings that are LEED certified have been designed, built and run using strategies aimed at continuously improving performance in energy efficiency, water efficiency and overall CO2 emissions reductions. Most importantly LEED focuses its criteria on improved indoor air quality and temperature comfort while carefully balancing resource stewardship.

We believe a project cannot be successful if it is not designed to co-exist organically with its surrounding environment nor can it remain relevant long term if it neglects its social impact. Our understanding of sustainability is not limited to eco-friendly technologies and innovative materials. We like to go further, lead by example and educate our office communities in the ‘green ways’. Last but not least we also listen and learn from each city we operate in and from each office community we manage.